Backblaze Status Page

Global Updates:

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Region Update:

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Globe US East

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Status levels:
Green — our monitoring currently suggests that a data region is operating as expected.
Yellow — service for a given data region is not operating as expected and may be impacting users.
Red — part or all of a region is currently offline.

We will make periodic updates to this page by region and globally as issues arise and as we work through any outages. If you experience impacts that are not reflected here, please Contact Support and we will address them as soon as we’re able to.

Incident Updates

April 19 Incident:

April 19, 1:45 PM UTC: Observing degraded performance in all regions. Upload and download performance impacted. Remediation underway.
April 19, 3:12 PM UTC: Remediation complete, performance normal.


Scheduled Maintenance

Backblaze performs regular maintenance every Thursday from 11:30 am to 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time with the aim to consistently improve our systems and services. 

Most customers will not be affected during this maintenance due to the distributed nature of the systems being serviced. For example, Computer Backup uploads and most B2 Cloud Storage operations (i.e., uploads, downloads, listing, key creation) will function normally. Within the maintenance window, some customers may experience interruptions of five to 15 minutes in the following areas:

Web Interface

  • Website sign-on
  • New account creation

Computer Backup

  • Data restore and recovery
  • Backups may sleep temporarily
  • Sign-in via installers and apps

B2 Cloud Storage

  • Bucket creation, deletion, and API update
  • B2 Snapshot creation